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South Korea's 2nd Apple Store Set to Open Soon

| 21 days ago


It's no surprise that South Korea's retail sector is one of the largest in the whole of Asia. However, it is surprising to learn that in this vast retail market, there is only one Apple retail store in the country in this vast retail market.

This is all about to change soon because Apple announced that they are preparing to open up a second retail store in South Korea!

Welcome Apple Yeouido

South Korea's new Apple store is set to open in Yeouido. Yeouido is a large island situated on the Han River in Seoul, South Korea's capital city. Yeouido is Seoul's main finance and investment banking district.

Popularly termed Apple Yeouido, the new Apple store is preparing to open in IFC Mall, a large contemporary mall that will host Apple alongside other major retailers. The new store will be on Level 1.

Apple Yeouido: Only the Second of Its Kind

Apple has since made a landing page announcing the opening of Apple Yeouido on its official website. The page displays fun and colorful animation depicting the bustling city within the wallpaper featured inside the Apple logo.

The first South Korean Apple store, Apple Gurosugil, is only two years old. Apple Gurosugil opened in 2018 in the Gangnam district, Seoul's upscale modern center. Apple Gurosugil is presented in the classic Apple store design where it is:

showcasing natural materials, understated aesthetics, and daringly innovative process.

Apple Looking to Expand in South Korea

Apple competitor Samsung dominates the current South Korean market. By opening a second location with Apple Yeouido, Apple aims to expand its presence in South Korea's retail and digital landscape.

We are looking forward to seeing pictures and videos from the new Apple Yeouido store.

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