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Spotify Wrapped: An Annual Look Back at Your Favorites

| 18 days ago


If you opened Spotify today, you must have seen the annual "Wrapped" feature.

Wrapped is Spotify's way of gifting you all your favorite audio tracks in one playlist and it is a great way of reminiscing on this year as it is drawing to an end.

Your 2020 Spotify Wrapped Lists

The Spotify 2020 Wrapped offers a personalized experience for listeners all over the world. Spotify Wrapped is accessible for listeners through the Spotify mobile app on iOS and Android.

This years Wrapped feature is full of insights on your favourite artists, songs, genres and podcasts. The Wrapped feature is made personalized for each listener by curating their individual data.

New Wrapped Features

In addition to Wrapped, Spotify has added 6 new features to help listeners engage with their content.

  1. New in-app quizzes: take a quiz to guess your favorite artists, songs and podcasts.
  2. Story of Your 2020: follow your Top Song's journey with everything in between.
  3. Deep-dive into Podcasts: check how many minutes you've spent listening to your favourite podcasts.
  4. New Badges: premium listeners can look forward to new badges that crown the most played to songs and podcasts based on the way they listened.
  5. New Personalized Playlists: compiled fo Your Top Songs and Missed Hits, personalized playlists let you access all your favourites in one playlist at your convenience.
  6. Access for Non-Spotify Users: For the first time ever, non-Spotify subscribers can access the latest in Spotify's global listening trends.

With Spotify Wrapped comes the unveiling of the Wrapped Creator Experience for podcasters and artists. Creators can access their own individualized Wrapped microsite with all the ways their fans listened this year.

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