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The Next Big Move for the Mac Pro Starts With a Smaller Footprint

Curtis Joe

| 2 months ago


A Smaller Mac Pro Makes Sense

With just a week to go until Apple’s “One More Thing” online event, many Apple fans look forward to learning more about the company’s next step. Keeping in mind Intel’s recent CPU struggles against AMD and Apple's existing desire to move towards their own proprietary Apple Silicon chips, many expect Apple to announce some big news in the MacBook department.

One product that most likely won't be addressed next week is their polarizing Mac Pro. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped rumors from swirling after Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on a redesign of the Mac Pro.

“Apple engineers are currently developing a new Mac Pro that looks like the current design at about half the size. It’s unclear if that Mac will replace the current Mac Pro or if it’s an additional model. Apple’s chip designs could help the company reduce the size of its computers due to increased power efficiency, but the current Mac Pro is large, in part, to fit components like additional storage drives and graphics chips.” – Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Given the fact that Apple is looking to move its entire lineup to Apple Silicon chips, it makes a lot of sense for an update to its lineup of premium machines. The Mac Pro will follow suit.

A Smaller Mac Pro Will Make a Lot of Cents

Apple’s Mac Pro workstations, since their inauguration in 2006, have traditionally been the most ‘specced out’ computers offered by the company. Primarily targeted towards professional industries like visual effects, design, and software development, the Mac Pro has itself a pretty niche market.

Aside from its gargantuan size, the progress made in terms of overall performance was noteworthy with respect to the 2019 redesign of the Mac Pro. Being able to customize the Mac Pro to a much greater degree and having three fans push increased airflow to the components, past problems like bottlenecking and overheating were addressed with last year’s design update.

Now, with the starting price for last year’s model being $6,000, and the most expensive Mac Pro in recent history topping out at $53,799, they definitely aren’t known for their affordability. So one question when it comes to this supposed half-size Mac Pro is “how will it affect their pricing strategy?” Hopefully, we’ll have an answer to that and many other questions surrounding the next iteration of the Mac Pro in the coming months.

Stay tuned to All Apple News for the latest updates on the Mac Pro, as well as the rest of Apple’s product lineup.

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