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Time-saving iPadOS 14 Features You May Have Overlooked

| 2 months ago


If you already downloaded the iOS 14 and began personalizing your iPhone, you will find the iPadOS 14 update easy to use.

The iPadOS 14 update shares similarities to the iOS 14.

With more customizable features on your Home Screen and App Library, you can make your device even more unique beyond purchasing iPhone and iPad cases.

If you're unsure about which features you should test out first on your iPad, here are a few to check out.

Personalizing iPad Screens and Default Settings

The addition of widgets and options to adjust app icon sizes gives users more control about how they want their Home Screens and App Libraries to appear.

For new apps you recently downloaded, you can adjust the settings to have them saved to your App Library only to avoid shifting your Home Screen design.

By organizing your apps on the App Library pages, you can minimize the visual clutter for a cleaner and more professional appearance (if you're using your iPad for work).

Apple is also giving users more control over default settings and applications. Users can now set their preferred default browser app and default email app in Settings.

At the moment, Apple is aware of the issue where users' default app selections are reset to factory settings after downloading the update.

You can set your default applications by selecting the application settings and checking off the bottom section labeled "Default Mail (or Browser) App."

Scribble Everything on iPad

Scribble combines your tablet and laptop experience into one. The handwriting recognition feature on Scribble makes you feel like you're writing on paper but on your iPad.

From transforming your handwritten words into text, Scribble and iPadOS 14 enhances your user experience with easier sidebars and pull-down menus to use. The Toolbar icon in the iPad apps gives you options to show or hide specific aspects on your display similar to using a Mac.

The improved Apple Pencil function will convince you to ditch the traditional pen and paper notepad style to use your iPad to take notes faster.

Use your Apple Pencil to handwrite notes, emails, addresses, and phone numbers into your contacts list and more to optimize your productivity throughout your day.

If you draw shapes for your notes, you won't need to worry about making them perfect. The update helps you transform your doodles to perfect shapes without wasting time redrawing them.

If you use Keynote or Pages, you can use the Outline view to see the outline of your content without notification interruptions.

You can also add YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into your projects for smoother and more professional presentations for work and school. Add shapes and select templates to use for your assignments quicker than before.

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iPadOS 14
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September 2020


Like iOS 14, iPadOS 14 is getting significant upgrades in its interface, design, features and more. Now featuring a less cluttered design thanks to widgets and the App Library, you'll find your iPad easier to navigate. And don't forget upgrades to the Apple Pencil or Siri, both of which make the iPad experience better. iPadOS 14 will definitely satisfy iPad owners everywhere.

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