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Tipster Reveals Apple's CarPlay x Waze Will Offer Us A Smooth Driving Experience

Nadia Ali

| 28 days ago


While not officially announced by either company, we may soon be seeing Apple CarPlay's multiscreen dashboard integrating with the popular Google-owned navigation app, Waze.

The Split View Function

For many, this is a highly overdue collaboration customers have been waiting for, for upwards of a year, ever since Apple introduced the dashboard as part of their iOS 13 software update.

This exciting news comes courtesy of rumors circulating via the beta testers themselves on online forums. One tipster shared a Waze photo running on CarPlay's newly introduced Split View function, which originally only worked with Apple Maps.

What This Means For The Driving Experience

CarPlay has not exactly been the most user-friendly software. The previous version required constant switching between screens to personalize your driving experience.

For example, you would have to view a music track name on another screen while clicking back to the CarPlay screen to continue receiving real-time directions to your destination.

Now, that looks and sounds like a major hassle that adds even more stress to a driver. What users needed was all their essential information on one display.

Thanks to Split View, users can now simultaneously view their map and directions while also seeing their music—on one screen, smoothly.

Another feature leaked by the tipster includes lane guidance - a first of its kind support that notifies users on the most optimal lane to be in when entering or exiting freeways, navigating chaotic intersections or mergers.

The Rollout

Moreover, spokespersons have not confirmed whether or not beta testing was truly underway (although all signs point to it). Thus a concrete release date or rollout is yet to be announced.

Waze normally has around 140 million monthly users, which slightly decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but maybe some will be returning after this collaboration is officially announced.

It sounds like Apple's CarPlay and Waze coming together will be a revolutionary game-changer for the driver.

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