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Release Date
Fall 2020


• AR Balloons
• Lost Mode
• Safe Location


A brand-new Apple product, the Apple AirTags are tracking devices to keep your items in order. Attach them to any of your devices (or personal items), and you'll be able to track them from your Find My app as if they were Apple devices themselves. And, in case you lose your item, you'll have a variety of tools to help you relocate it. Expecting a release in Fall 2020, the AirTags will be useful for keeping your devices secure.



If you're ever worried about losing something, then Apple's upcoming AirTags are the devices for you. They are mini tracking devices you can attach to anything, and then they'll be available on your Find My app. From there, you can track the item and if you lose it, the Find My app can help you find it.

With various features like Augmented Reality (AR) balloons, Lost Mode, and Safe Locations, the AirTags will be versatile devices that can track your items anywhere. Working together with the Find My app, AirTags will ensure that you won't lose your valuables.

Currently still a speculative product, Apple has yet to release any official news about the AirTags. However, they could be coming very soon and become an incredibly popular device when they are finally unveiled.



Design and Size

Currently, only mock-ups of the AirTags exist. They are expected to be small, circular discs, able to fit into wallets and pockets. The design is intended to be as portable as possible to be placed and used with almost anything. Apple leaker Jon Prosser has stated that they will be a "tad larger than a bottle cap," so they will be portable and compact.

Following suit with current Apple designs, the AirTags are expected to be white or black with a gray Apple logo at the center. Whether there will be an attachment ring that comes with the device is unknown, although that would seem like an advantageous design feature.



Like most current tracking devices, the AirTags are expected to use the CR2032 coin battery. The CR2032 coin battery is a popular choice among smaller devices, and it's even used in Apple TV remotes. They are removable and replaceable.

Of course, CR2032 coin batteries are not rechargeable. They will have to be removed, indicating that the AirTags could be disassembled. It is expected that the AirTags will last about a year before a battery replacement is necessary.

However, other rumors suggest that the AirTags will feature a rechargeable battery, similar to the Apple Watch battery.

Tracking System

Using AirTags will be very easy. All you need to do is set them up first and then you can attach them to any of your items for tracking. Like the AirPods, AirTags has special Apple chips that allow devices to connect with your iPhone as soon as they are activated.

Once the AirTags have connected to your iPhone, you can set them up in the Find My app. With the new iOS 14 update, the Find My app now comes with a section named "Items." Here, you'll be able to find all your AirTags and track them accordingly.

Tracking Tools

The AirTags will have several features that make them a handy tool for tracking. Depending on your situation, you'll be able to use any one of these features to help you find your items.


Augmented Reality Balloons

If you're close enough to your AirTag, you can activate the AR Balloons features. Use your camera to inspect your local surroundings and Apple will display simulated balloons to guide you towards the item. This is especially useful if your item and AirTag are tucked under something, making it difficult to identify.

Lost Mode

Lost Mode puts your AirTag into emergency mode. Suppose any iPhone user comes across your device. In that case, they'll be notified and given your contact information so that communication can be established for retrieval. Similarly, you'll also be notified when the AirTag and its corresponding item is found.

Safe Location

Of course, just because you're far away from your AirTag item doesn't mean it's lost. Maybe it's at home and you have decided you don't need it for the day.

In this case, you can set up Safe Locations so that your AirTags won't be marked as lost even if you're far away. Common Safe Locations include your home, your work office, and other frequented locations.

Release and Pricing

No official news of the AirTags' release date and pricing has been announced yet. However, with Apple set to host an October event that likely promises new products, the AirTags maybe arrive soon.

For pricing, Apple will be looking to compete with other notable tracking device manufacturers. Estimates currently stand between $30 to $50 apiece. Tile, a trendy tracking device manufacturer, now prices their devices at $25 to $35 apiece.

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