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Apple Card

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Apple Card
Release Date
August 2019


• Titanium Card
• Face or Touch ID
• No Fees, Penalties
• Low Interest rates
• Daily Cash Benefits


Apply Pay already made payments extremely convenient, but the Apple Card takes Apple's payment system to a new level. Made in association with Goldman Sachs, the Apple Card offers incentives like any other credit card such as cashback and no hidden fees. And, you get to pay for your Apple Products on zero-interest monthly plans. The Apple Card lets you maximize the value of your money.



Apple expanded its Apple Pay system with its very own Apple Card. This credit card, issued by Goldman Sachs, opens the door for new possibilities with Apple Pay.

Integrated directly into your Wallet app, you can use the Apple Card for payments everywhere and on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Whether it’s contactless payments or using a physical card, the Apple Card will likely be the future for Apple Pay.



If you want to get an Apple Card, you need to apply via the Wallet app. If the application is approved, then the Apple Card appears in the Wallet app and can be accessed through any device linked to the same Apple ID account.

On the Wallet app, the Apple Card doesn’t display traditional credit card information. Instead, Apple sends a 16-digit card number to users who need it. Apple does this because Apple wants to encourage you to use Apple Pay.

Since the Apple Card details are linked to a user’s iCloud info, paying with Apple Card on Apple devices will automatically go through Apple Pay.

Titanium Card

However, some users will need a physical card for places that don’t accept Apple Pay or contactless payments. For this, Apple designed the Titanium Card.

The Titanium Card is a physical version of the Apple Card with the cardholder’s name etched on it for identification. Using the info assigned to the user, you can use the Titanium Card in the replacement of traditional payment methods.



Like any credit card, Apple offers incentives to use the Apple Card. And, if you’re an Apple fan, these incentives stack onto features that you probably already use.

Be sure to review all these details to know what your Apple Card offers you and what you should keep in mind when using it.

No Fees

One of the biggest concerns we have for credit cards is the unnecessary fees charged to us before using it. For the Apple Card, we don’t need to worry about that.

First and foremost, it’s nice to know that Apple doesn’t charge any Apple Card fees. You can rest assured that Apple will not charge late, over-the-limit, foreign-transaction, or annual fees. However, like most credit cards, vendors are charged a fee when receiving Apple Card transactions.



Even though the Apple Card will not charge you any credit card fees, interest fees will be added to your statement if you pay late. If you’re concerned about the Apple Card’s interest, Apple added a feature to relieve any calculation concerns.

The Apple Card can estimate your interest charges, should you choose to make a minimum payment. Select the amount you want to pay and Apple Card will give you an outline of your interest fees in real-time. You can then decide on your payment for your Apple Card.


As is the case with most credit cards these days, Apple Card offers cashback. Payments made with the physical card earn 1% cashback. Meanwhile, payments made with Apple Pay earn a 2% cashback.

Payments made on the Apple store and specific Apple partners earn 3% cashback when using Apple Pay. These cashback rewards are stored in the Apple Cash account (on the Wallet app) and can be used to pay off statements.


Monthly Instalments

If you’re buying an Apple product from the Apple store, the Monthly Installments feature might be very beneficial.

When purchasing an Apple product with the Apple Card, Monthly Installments offers the option to make interest-free monthly payments for the device, rather than making a single payment. Combined with the 3% cashback deal, this option could be advantageous.

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