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Apple Music

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Apple Music
Release Date
June 2015


• Stream over 70 million songs ad‑free
• Download your favourite tracks. Play them offline.
• Get exclusive playlists and live radio.
• Listen across all of your devices.


Apple's very own music streaming platform, Apple Music has one of the biggest music libraries in the world. For just $9.99/month, get access to music from your favorite artists, as well as great playlists and radio options for discovering new tunes. Also available in the Apple One bundle, Apple Music is music for the Apple fan.



Apple Music used to be little more than a storage place for your iTunes downloads. Now, Apple Music is a full-fledged, subscription-based music service from which you can stream millions of songs.

With a subscription to Apple Music, unlock music from all over the world. Then, with its unique features, Apple Music makes sure you get the most out of your plan and that you enjoy its service thoroughly.

From streaming your favorite songs to discovering a plethora of new tunes, Apple Music makes it easy for you to listen to the music you love. It's also compatible with Apple devices like Apple Watches, AirPods, HomePods, and more, so you can play your music on different devices with a seamless transition.

Apple Music offers three subscription options: Individual, Family, and Student. You can also get Apple Music as part of the Apple One bundle.



Streaming Music

Streaming music through Apple Music is easy. Just search for a song, tap on it, and you can listen to it. Even if you don't know the name, Apple Music allows you to search for songs by lyrics; however, this doesn't always guarantee a successful search, especially if it isn't too popular. If you like the song, you can save it to your offline music library.

In addition to searching for songs, you can also search for artists and albums. When searching for an artist, you'll get an overview of their catalog, and you can pick songs or albums from there to play.

One of the coolest features of Apple Music is that several songs have Lyrics View. In Lyrics View, you can sing along with the lyrics on-screen. Think of it as a miniature, personal karaoke machine. Of course, not every song has this feature, but most hit songs will.

Discover Music

Finding new music that you like is a wonderful feeling, so Apple Music made it easy to do. From discovering new playlists to getting suggested music, Apple Music ensures that you'll find new songs every day.

Every day, Apple Music's For You section will change. From here, you get recommendations for new songs, artists, and playlists based on your current music preferences.

Of course, you're not guaranteed to like every song Apple Music suggests. But Apple Music will make recommendations based on your listening activity. Hence, they'll be from genres and artists similar to the ones you currently listen to.

Apple Music also has an impressive catalog of radio stations. Although this seems like an old-fashioned way to find new music, it'll still consistently provide you with new tunes.


Playlists are integral to any music streaming service. With Apple Music, there are a couple of types of playlists. Each of them serves a different purpose, so make sure you know the differences and how to use them.

Your Playlists
Your playlists are a collection of the songs you want to save into different groups. These are the playlists you create by selecting songs from your library.

You curate these playlists, so you have complete control over the music in it. Whether the playlists revolve around a specific music genre, artist, or just a vibe, you're bound to make plenty of playlists so you can gather and listen to your favorite songs.

The chart playlists are created based on popular songs around the world. It's mainly composed of the top 100 songs everyone currently loves.

There are also dozens of chart playlists based on categories, genre, and mood under every music genre. But regardless of the theme, these playlists are created based on the people's choice.

Mood Playlists
Like the recommended playlists, mood playlists are curated based on the emotions it evokes and your music tastes.

Mood playlists are in the Playlists section. Organized by the vibe, you can find various genres from chill music to workout songs—you'll find a little bit of everything. Apple will suggest the ones that suit your music tastes, so they're likely to match your mood even better.

Music Videos
The final Playlist feature is quite different from the rest. While it is a playlist for music, the focus of these playlists is the music video.

There is a mixture of chart playlists and recommended playlists. There are music video playlists for both the top music videos and ones based on your tastes. Scroll through these playlists to find music videos that you'll enjoy along with great music.


Like any Apple app or service, Apple Music is compatible with Siri. You can perform various commands on Apple Music without needing to lift a finger; ask Siri to do it for you.

The obvious ones are playing, pausing, or skipping your songs. However, you can also ask Siri to do a lot more. You can ask Siri to play a new playlist or even search for a new song. You can even ask Siri something vaguer like "Hey, Siri, play something chill." Siri, based on mood playlists, will recognize this command and play a "chill" playlist.

Other Devices

You can use Apple Music on your iPhone, but that's not where it stops. You can use Apple Music on just about any Apple device you have. Here's a list of Apple devices that can use Apple Music:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Macs

In each of these devices, there will be an app for Apple Music. Download that app, and you'll be able to use your Apple Music subscription to play the music you love. You can also listen to Apple Music through your AirPods, AirPods Pro, HomePod, and any other Apple audio device.

Just because you don't have an Apple device doesn't mean you can't use Apple Music. Even if you have an Android phone, PC, or third-party smart TV, you can still download an Apple Music app on most of these devices.


Apple Music has a few subscription plans to give you access to your favorite songs and podcasts. The three plans include Individual, Student, and Family.

The Individual plan is $9.99 per month. This plan gives you access to Apple Music's library, download music, ad-free playing, and all the other great features mentioned above. For this price, the Individual plan is a great deal.

For the students out there, this one's for you. If you're studying at a post-secondary institution, the Student plan is only $4.99 per month and offers everything the Individual plan provides. Additionally, you get an Apple TV+ subscription to go with it, free of charge.

The Family plan offers everything the Individual and Student plans offer, but for up to six people. For $14.99 per month, you and your family or friends can share the cost each month. With up to six individual accounts available for making in this plan, there won't be any confusion between users while saving on the price.

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