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iPhone 13

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iPhone 13
Release Date


• 5.4" / 6.1" / 6.7" OLED Display (Speculative)
• iOS 14 (Speculative)
• A14 Bionic Chip (Speculative)
• 3D Camera (Speculative)
• Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (Speculative)


Days after the iPhone 12 was launched at Apple's October 2020 event, leaks of the iPhone 13 surfaced online. With rumors of the long-awaited 120Hz display, a port-less device, and UTS technology, the iPhone 13 will be a step ahead of its predecessors. Prepare for a refined version of the iPhone, better than ever before.



Less than 48 hours after the iPhone 12 was launched, leaks of the iPhone 13 were already popping up on Twitter, YouTube, and other places. With the limited information we have, we know about the iPhone 13 so far and some speculation.

Originally expected to be a part of the iPhone 12 Pro models, the iPhone 13 is rumored to have 120Hz screens. The display will also use LTPO technology, making for crystal-clear visuals with fast refresh rates.

The bezel of the iPhone 13 is also expected to be smaller, either in terms of width or length. However, if the iPhone 13 comes with UTS technology, the bezel may disappear almost entirely.

When comparing the iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 13, rumor has it that the iPhone 13 could have the same, if not similar, four sizes as the iPhone 12.

While the physical dimensions of the iPhone 13 haven't been confirmed yet, there are speculations of the first port-less iPhone model. Having removed the Home Button in 2016, the flagship iPhone lineup is becoming more and more minimalistic as the years go by.

A port-less model could be the next big step as Apple starts using wireless charging exclusively. This is why we suggest getting the MagSafe charger now as an investment for the future.

Finally, as is the case almost every year, the iPhone 13 will likely get a camera upgrade. The iPhone 12 is currently experimenting with the LiDAR scanner on its iPhone 12 Pro models. The iPhone 13 could see a fully-integrated, refined version of this technology.

As more information is released, we'll update this page regularly. However, here's what we know about the iPhone 13 so far!

*Reminder: All information is tentative and subject to change until the product is officially released.



Design and Size

Specific dimensions of the iPhone 13 have not been released, but fans can expect it to use a similar frame to the iPhone 12.

Apple would have to create a new structure to support the 5G antennas, as seen on the iPhone 12 before switching. At the same time, maybe it won't even have to; the flat-edged frame of the iPhone 12 has received positive reviews so far.

When it comes to screen size, Apple may continue its iPhone 12 trend with a regular model and a mini model. Then, for its Pro models, there'll be a Max version with a larger screen. This Max model's size may match the iPhone 12 Pro Max's screen size.

As Apple leaker @BenGeskin has stated, there will be a 6.7-inch iPhone 13 model.


The iPhone 13's display is one of its most significant talking points.

Firstly, the iPhone 13 is projected to finally have a 120Hz screen with LTPO technology. Originally expected to be part of the iPhone 12 Pro models, a 120Hz screen provides high-speed refresh rates. This makes videos and video games even smoother than they are now.

Furthermore, Apple is planning on reducing the size of the bezel again. While the iPhone 12's notch is smaller than its predecessors', some Apple fans are still displeased with the amount of space it takes up. The iPhone 13 could fix this by diminishing the notch again, whether in length or width.

As of now, Apple leaker @UniverseIce claims that the iPhone 13 will simply include a shorter notch.

There are also rumors that the bezel of the iPhone 13 may nearly disappear if Apple can get UTS technology to work in time for the iPhone 13. UTS stands for under-the-screen, so UTS technology would enable the camera's front sensors to be under the display and take up no space on a bezel.

Things like Touch ID, Face ID, depth sensors, and more wouldn't need a bezel. The iPhone 13s would simply activate when necessary while remaining under your display. This may be unlikely, but there's a chance that only the iPhone 13's notch will only come with a camera.


Speaking of the camera, the iPhone 13 is probably getting another camera upgrade.

The current iPhone Pro models have a three-camera system with the LiDAR scanner. Apple leakers such as @choco_bit and @L0vetodream have said that the iPhone 13 could have a quad-camera system and the LiDAR scanner too. The LiDAR scanner would sit below the camera bump.

What Apple will add as the fourth lens is uncertain as of now, but this does seem like a logical step for the tech giant.

Apple is currently experimenting with the viability of a LiDAR scanner and a three-camera lens. If it proves successful, which it has so far, then the iPhone 13 could improve with another lens for even higher-quality photos.

Other upgrades to the iPhone 13's camera could include better zoom, better aperture, a better LiDAR scanner, and more.


One of the reasons that Apple never incorporated 120Hz displays onto the iPhone 12 was because of battery life concerns. Hence, if the iPhone 13 (or at least the Pro models) come with a 120Hz display, we can either expect a stronger battery or an even more efficient processing chip.

In terms of charging, Apple could make a huge jump by making the iPhone 13 its first port-less iPhone.

The iPhone 12 launch event also introduced MagSafe accessories, which are accessories that connect to a ring of magnets installed on the back of the iPhone 12. It would be shocking and frankly disappointing if Apple discontinued this feature after just one model, so MagSafe is due for a return on the iPhone 13.

One of the MagSafe accessories is Apple's first wireless iPhone charger: the MagSafe charger. A small, circular pad that magnetically connects to the back of the iPhone 12, this device will likely be a must-have for Apple fans.

After using USB-C cords for just a few years, and only really one year on its iPhones, Apple may be abandoning cords altogether. If the iPhone 13 proves to be the first port-less iPhone, then MagSafe accessories are only going to play an even bigger part in the future.

Release and Pricing

Next to nothing about the iPhone 13's release has been unveiled yet. However, most leakers agree that the iPhone 13 will be launched in Fall 2020, as Apple aims to release a flagship iPhone almost every year.

In terms of pricing, Apple may have to up the iPhone 13's price from the iPhone 12's price to cover the expensive costs of 120Hz displays and better technology.

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