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macOS Catalina

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macOS Catalina
Release Date
October 2019


• Sidecar: Extend Workspace with More Screens
• Voice Control to Maximize Mac's Potential
• More Secured with Gatekeeper Tool
• iTunes: Now Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, & Apple TV
• Synchronize Screen Time Settings Across Apple Devices


macOS Catalina helps you get the most out of your Mac. With new features like Voice Control and Side Car, you'll have a brand-new Mac experience. Meanwhile, you get a host of upgrades to old features, giving you a refresh of the familiar system. Get the macOS Catalina on your Mac now for maximum performance.



Apple's macOS Catalina gives you the power to get more work done with a new organizational system and upgraded features. With updates to almost every Apple service that you can imagine, macOS Catalina gives you the tools you need to maximize your Mac's abilities.

When it comes to accessibility, Voice Control is macOS Catalina's most significant upgrade. Like iOS' Siri, Voice Control allows you to make commands, ask questions, and access functions with just your voice. Ask away when Voice Control is activated.

Sidecar is an excellent feature for interactive dual-screen usage. Move documents from your Mac and iPad so you can edit with your Apple Pencil or your finger. The Sidecar feature will make drawing and editing easier.

Screen Time and Find My apps help you stay on track. Screen Time keeps a record of how many hours a week you're spending on your Mac; you'll also know which apps you're spending the most time on. The Find My app keeps a list of all your devices so you can track them should they be lost.

You can say your commands with Voice Control; extend your screen from your Mac onto your iPad to doodle, sketch, and edit with Sidecar; and feel reassured that your Mac has your back with Screen Time and Find My apps.

Apple services, such as Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts, all get upgrades to improve the user experience. Before, they were compatible; now, they're ideal for Mac usage by people like you.

Check out the detailed summaries of these features below.




Sidecar gives users the option to extend their workspace from the Mac screen to the iPad and Apple Pencil. When connected with your iPad, Sidecar allows you to move windows between screens. Once you move them over from your Mac, interact with the screens as you normally would on your iPad.

The new feature gives users more flexibility with an extended canvas on the iPad that can interact with Mac apps to draw, write, and edit. Because the MacBook isn't a touch screen, you'll be able to exercise your creativity more easily.

Suppose you have the Apple Pencil, even better! You'll find editing easier with the versatile accessory. Now, with iPadOS 14, you have even more features attached to the Apple Pencil for drawing, writing, and screen interaction.


With new assistive technologies, every user can maximize their Mac's potential. Voice Control is one of the features that'll make your life a lot easier.

Voice Control gives users the option to use their voice to activate Siri's speech recognition technology. The Voice Control feature allows users to navigate their Mac more comfortably. You will find that this hands-free function is also great for multitasking, as you don't need to type some things out, and you can simply say it.

Voice Control also helps with gestures such as tapping, swiping, and scrolling.


macOS Catalina's primary tools for security and safety are the Gatekeeper tool and the Find My app. Both do different things, but they work together to give you peace of mind.

Apple created the Gatekeeper tool to keep Mac users and their devices safe. Gatekeeper inspects all apps for any security issues or threats to the device. If the Gatekeeper tool disapproves of any apps, reconsider downloading in case the app damages your Mac.

The Find My app helps users locate their lost or stolen Mac—even if it is offline. On the Find My app is a list of all the devices linked with your Apple ID account. From there, you can track them; the Find My app offers a variety of tools to help you locate your lost devices.


Faster than before, the macOS Catalina removes iTunes and replaces it with three all-new separate apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV.

Apple Music

Users can find their favorite songs from a library of over 50 million songs, playlists, and music videos to dance to. You can have all your music in one place with Apple's entire music library available to play in the iTunes Music Store.

Apple TV

From personalized recommendations to over 100,000 iTunes shows and movies to browse, users can enjoy Dolby Atmos-supported and 4K HDR shows in the comfort of their homes.

Apple users can browse the "Watch Now" section for suggestions and "Up Next" to view the next episode for shows. Still not sure what Apple TV is? Here's a detailed guide of everything Apple TV-related.

Apple Podcasts

Users can stay up to date with more than 700,000 shows in the Apple Podcasts catalog. Organized into various categories, users can search shows and episodes by the show's names, host, guest, and discussed topics.

Users can seamlessly transition from macOS to any iOS or iPadOS devices without missing a beat too. Just start playing the podcast on your iPhone or iPad, and you can listen on there instead.

Screen Time

Users can balance their time online with Screen Time. The feature gives users the power to schedule specific times for breaks from their Mac, apps, or websites. You can also track your daily usage if you're aiming to lower your screen time.

Synchronize your Screen Time settings across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac—which is perfect for parents to give their children a break from the screen! It's also great for limiting your attachment to your devices to enjoy the world around you more.


The macOS Catalina is compatible with the following: MacBook (2015 model and later), Macbook Air (2012 model and later), Macbook Pro (2012 model and later), iMac Pro (2017 model and later), iMac (2012 model and later), Mac mini (2012 model and later) and Mac Pro (2013 model and later).

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